Thursday, February 6, 2020

Paperboy Paris x Greenhouse x New Balance 801

With the launch of Greenhouse, the collective employed quite a few labels from all across youth culture, one of the most notable being Paperboy Paris whose graphic touch has done well to develop the line-up’s product breadth. And though not too much came from their 2019 offerings, 2020 is a step further in the right direction as they bring along New Balance to round off the noteworthy triumvirate. From graphic apparel penciled in with visually unrefined logo hits and colorful lock-ups, the collection strikes a strong diversity lensed through athleisure, completing the full setup with the all-terrain 801 silhouettes that was only recently brought back by the Boston stalwarts. 
Its set of colors, which take influence from gastronomy, bears the image of either a Tuna Tataki Sandwich, a Ginger Lemonade, or a more muted Coffee Latte. The latter is obviously the most neutral with its almost full usage of brown shades while the lunchtime staple sprawls with more vibrant hits of pink, purple, and even leafy greens; the last, which stands in the middle of the tonal spectrum, see to pastel yellows in pigments reminiscent of the aforementioned drink’s two parts. Check out a detailed look at the full range below.