Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Distortedd x Reebok Instapump Fury

Reebok has tapped visual artist Distortedd for an eye-catching take on the Instapump Fury as part of its “It’s A Man’s World” initiative. Inspired by 2001’s female empowerment-focused “It’s A Woman’s World” commercials, “It’s A Man’s World” has already offered shoes from female creatives like producer WondaGurl and streetwear designer/activist Jazerai Allen-Lord. Distortedd is the next to take on a classic Reebok silhouette as part of the project, so she’s brought her signature bright colors and vivid characters to the table. Both the lateral and medial sides are covered in a graffiti-style illustration of tentacles, eyeballs and sharp teeth, all dressed up in warm pastel hues and standing out vividly from the white background. “To be honest, this design is just me regurgitating, like throwing up everything that I’ve built so far” said Distortedd. “The art is basically eating the shoe.”