Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lauren Halsey x Nike Air Force 1 High “Summaeverythang”

Nike’s latest modification to the Air Force 1 High lies largely reserved on the surface yet loud just underneath with its finger on the pulse of Lauren Halsey’s thought-provoking messages. Her artwork deals with class and the systematic oppression of both the LGBTQ and African American communities alike, speaking out with pieces such as “What If We Owned?” or with the sprawling mosaics of “gotta get over the hump?” and continuing headstrong to a wider audience with the help of the now removable swooshes of the Beaverton staple. 
Black-dressed uppers bear texture of suedes or smooth leathers, lying next to boldface type of “SUMMAEVERYTHANG”, the artist’s handle for her private Instagram account, while expressive neon tones sit at the edges of the heel strip as well as the alternating laces in a Rage Green or Bright Crimson. Straps at the top line are nothing of the ordinary, poetically revealing its inner thread through a full translucent window. Tongues sport punchy graphics of “NEIGHBORHOOD,” “AUTONOMY,” and “PRIDE,” speaking out in unison with the vibrant imagery of a culturally rich all-over print tucked away on the insole.