Thursday, October 24, 2019

Billy’s Tokyo x Vans OG Lampin LX

BILLY’S TOKYO and their every collaboration grabs inspiration from the archive and does with it what the brand themselves would surely aim for. A fraction of modernity infused with retro, their latest set-piece atop the Lampin LX is one ripe with some of the most iconic Anaheim prints though thrown through a whirlwind of patchwork modifications. Three parts in total, the pack comprises of colorways that conform to no singular hue: the first, which is largely quite neutral, pairs standout black and white overlays in an asymmetric fashion, swapping from the lateral to the medial with patterns of checkerboard, stripes, and florals sitting within the middling base layers. Then, slowly dosing in more color, the next opts for classic red and blue with contrast notes of browns just adjacent, leaving the last offering to match its vibrancy but with the usage of vibrant greens and sultry purples. Check out a detailed look at each of the collection below.