Wednesday, October 16, 2019

adidas to Launch Sustainable Buy-Back Clothing Initiative in the UK

adidas is rolling out a new sustainable initiative that works with the London-based start-up Stuffstr to reward customers with vouchers in exchange for old clothes. The sportswear giant aims to address the growing waste generated by the fashion industry and is doing so by offering this program to those signed up to its loyalty program in the UK. The online take-back scheme will allow customers to give back any clothing they have purchased from the Three Stripes in the last five years, regardless of its condition. Stuffstr will then take the necessary steps to either repair the clothing where needed, resell it if possible, or break it down to its original form to be reused in brand-new products.
 The initiative follows recent environmentally-friendly advancements from adidas this year, such as its recyclable FUTURECRAFT.LOOP runner and its sustainable sportswear collection with collaborator Stella McCartney.