Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sanrio x Reebok Instapump Fury

Renowned for its dominating cultural relevance and massive worldwide fan base, the Sanrio brand continues to create characters subversive of norms and cute by popular opinion. Though their doors once opened across malls all throughout America thanks to the success of their flagship Hello Kitty, it’s the supporting cast of characters by way of Gudetama, Marumofubiyori, My Melody, Aggretsuko, and more that have cemented the Japanese imprint in history. Inciting nostalgia while simultaneously celebrating their upcoming 25th anniversary, the creative institution is now partnering up with Reebok to turn both their poster girl and yolky companion into an Instapump Fury.

Accents across each are characteristic of their theme of choice: the first, which is inspired by our feline friend, arrives adorned with a bright red bow right along the vamp while the pump as well as the heel feature a minimal caricature complete with whiskers and all. In departure, though not by much, the lazy eggs sees a similar presentation though with bright yellows color blocking along the toe cap as well as the profile overlays though with jagged edges simulating a cracked shell. Check out a detailed look at both pairs below.