Tuesday, September 24, 2019

ASICS Malaysia GEL-Kayano 5 OG “Nasi Lemak”

ASICS Malaysia has announced its latest shoe, the “Nasi Lemak”. The brand joined forces with retail store Hundred% and Malaysia’s biggest sneaker event, SneakerLAH. Reworking the GEL-Kayano 5 OG, it’s called the “Nasi Lemak” after Malaysia’s national dish. The off-white colors on the shoe represent the rice and egg white, while the green signified the cucumber, the red the chili paste, the yellow takes the form of the yolk and the brown is designed to reflect the nuts and anchovies. Speaking about the collab, ASICS Malaysia country manager, Boon Tib Soon Nik said the following: “What we love about the shoe colorway re-design is that; it centers around the nasi lemak which is a dish that everyone likes and a societal knot that all Malaysians can relate to and instantly love. Through this shoe, we hope to share with everyone that feeling of unity, and to spread the love to all corners of the globe,”
 The ASICS Malaysia “Nasi Lemak” GEL-Kayano 5 OG is limited to 500 pairs and only available at SneakerLAH 2019, retailing for $143 USD.