Tuesday, August 27, 2019

thisisneverthat x New Balance 997 “Physical Fitness Uniform”

thisisneverthat continues to defy expectations, cutting against the grain of its mostly fast fashion-driven and entertainment-centric home base with collaborations galore and designs inspired. Gradually making its name in the states, the imprint continues to tap into American stalwarts in its second collaboration with Boston’s very own New Balance as they go beyond their “Physical Fitness Uniform” capsule with a more expansive second run. With a plethora of new winter-ready styles, e.g. fleece jackets, matching joggers, knit beanies, and long sleeve graphic tops, they’ve crafted a perfect sequel with the most show-worthy addition being awarded to their 997 silhouettes whose palettes drive home the earth tone aesthetics in a construction familiarly luxe. 

Uppers bear the signature pig suedes throughout in the smooth tan while embellishments by way of the “N” logo and underlaid paneling contrasting in their reflective and black hits, respectively. The toe features the more textural mesh, mimicking that of burlap in its totality, while top lines resemble something animalistic in its dotted texture. Check out a detailed look at the pair right below.