Monday, August 12, 2019

Nike Launches New Sneaker Subscription Service For Kids

Sneaker shopping for kids, despite changing times, continues to be as lofty a task as ever, with growing pains and constantly changing tastes increasing the difficulty by metric tons. Bringing the process into the modern realm while simultaneously making life a whole lot easier, Nike has introduced their “Adventure Club,” a first-ever subscription initiative that allows parents to regularly swap out Nike and Converse shoes as both fit and style evolves. Serving sizes from 4C to 7Y, or around the ages from 2 to 10, the package is almost all-inclusive with three tiers allowing the option between four pairs a year to a total of twelve. 100 different styles from performance to lifestyle are at your disposal and are sent back to either be donated or recycled; returned to you is a new pair of your choosing with some extra adventure guides, whose contents entail outdoor games and activities, to encourage more active, healthy habits.