Thursday, August 29, 2019

New Balance Grey Day 2019 Pack

Grey Day, New Balance’s very own holiday to celebrate their oft-used and most closely kept color palette, is kicking off just a few months early in 2019, starting strong at the beginning of September with two distinct new takes on their poster boy silhouette, the 997. Borrowing elements from collaborations transformative, the most minimal edition of the two-parter is one a bit reminiscent of nonnative’s partnership shown just a few months ago: suede constructions, paneling, and sole units are ripped right from the original form though the once bold-faced “N” logo is entirely removed for an embroidery of the brand’s familiar denotations. The next, however, displays it in full force, with the timeless design of the upper translating near perfect with the much bulkier ENCAP REVEAL sole unit seen on noteworthy releases with retailer Bodega.