Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fortnite Streamer Ninja Teases Collaboration With adidas

With gaming, streaming, and Fortnite continuously on the rise in popularity, every big name in sneakers is trying to get one piece of the digital pie. While brands before have done in-game events with the intellectual properties themselves, adidas is tapping the influencers at the frontline with their inaugural release seeing a surprise partnership with Fortnite star and streamer Ninja. At first glance, Tyler Blevins is a humble enough individual though his following has entered the millions and his name is often murmured throughout the gaming scene itself. 
Taking one step down a path of his own construction, after leaving Twitch just recently, the Detroit-born talent is tackling a Three Stripes capsule though what that may be exactly is up to speculation. Whether seeing his own signature pair of shoes later down the road or receiving a large capsule of graphic apparel, the inbound collection is sure to be alluring to his droves of fans. For more information on its official drop, keep it locked in as updates arise.