Friday, August 9, 2019

CLOT x Nike China Basketball "Lion Dance"

Nike has teamed with Edison Chen of CLOT for a special assortment of basketball gear. Launching in time for the summer’s basketball tournament in China, the first time the country has hosted a global game since 2008, the garments are a nod to Chinese cultural heritage. Chinese lion dancing inspires a special jersey, shorts, jacket and headband, all taking cues from the costumes worn during the lion dance. “We’re from China, and lion dancing is something that has always been a part of our culture,” explains Chen. “It means celebration, longevity, good fortune and good luck, all things that you wish to have on the basketball court.”
 One key detail is the lion head on the jersey, realized with extra flap details to create a sense of three-dimensional movement when worn, evoking the costumes worn by lion dance performers. Trim loops on the jersey and headband are included to both nod to the costumes and “for you to accessorize and customize the garment to your own taste,” Chen notes. CLOT’s dragon logo and “冠军” (champion) verbiage are embroidered throughout the range, with red and black hues co-existing in each item. “The red is representative of CLOT. And the changing of the red colors is kind of like a change over the years, growing as a company and growing with Nike, as well as being excited to be a part of the basketball push in China this year,” says Chen.