Thursday, July 18, 2019

Virgil Abloh "Figures of Speech" T-Shirt Capsule Collection

Virgil Abloh has extended his roster of MCA Chicago “Figures of Speech” exhibition-related pieces with the release of two new T-shirts, one of which paying homage to his inaugural clothing line PYREX VISION. The T-shirt in question is a printed Champion blank which sees a black-and-white renaissance painting on the front alongside an AMO badge and the title Office for Metropolitan Architecture, as well as his “Figures of Speech” exhibition stamp. On the rear, the Abloh-designed T-shirt features a quote and a glossary relating to the exhibition, alongside the designer’s moniker and a PYREX VISION-inspired “23” graphic.

The capsule also features a “Figures of Speech” line T-shirt, featuring red lines on the front alongside the exhibition title and an index and glossary on the rear. The webshop also has a postcard set and poster set alongside the now sold-out Insert Complicated Title Here book and “Figures of Speech” retrospective photo album.

Virgil previously released an exclusive MCA Chicago T-shirt sporting a fighter jet and painter on the front and back. His latest T-shirts are just as limited and are already selling out in particular sizes. Head to the MCA Chicago website to pick up the PYREX VISION-indebted piece for $150 USD and the lines T-shirt for $67 USD while stocks last.