Wednesday, July 3, 2019

UNIQLO Owner Fast Retailing Will Reduce Single-Use Plastic by 85% by 2020

UNIQLO‘s parent company Fast Retailing has announced that it will aim to cut down the usage of single-use plastic bags by 85% by 2020. The move will see Fast Retailing cut out 7,800 tonnes of plastic wastage a year, and will be done so by introducing eco-friendly paper shopping bags and rethought product packaging. Fast Retailing will roll out the initiative from September this year and it will eventually reach all 3,500 UNIQLO stores worldwide by next year. It will initially land in 12 markets in September, such as Japan, where plastic bags will be swapped out for “environmentally friendly paper bags made of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper or recycled paper,” according to Fast Retailing’s press statement.