Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Reebok DMX Series 1000

Highly poised to take over the retro-like market, Reebok’s deep dive of the archival has set them on a trajectory aged in and of itself; with vibrant color blocking and accents unmistakable to the 90s era, the imprint is geared to dose out its DMX Series 1000 silhouettes. Though, at the moment, small in number, with only a handful debuting sets lighting the way, the model is ripe with bright primaries and sultry cool-toned accents; toe boxes, in their intricate paneling, separate from neutral hits into either a deep purple or blue. Notable detailing across the tongue and heel webbing, as well as the vector logo, hits along the profile contrast in light aqua and red, respectively, with bright white midsoles being the only overt connection in the palette.