Monday, July 22, 2019

Overkill x Reebok Classic Leather

With the assist of Overkill, Reebok continues to travel across the globe in celebration of its diverse gastronomic scene with what they dub the “International Food” series. Tackling the cheap and delicious late-night delicacy, Doner Kebab, the partnered imprint has gone to thrust the Classic Leather silhouette in a scheme worthy of the skewer. Black-dressed leather chars the exterior of the construction throughout each and every facet with tongues sporting the toony logo of choice as well as the restaurant’s year of establishment. Tongues and laces are where the central motif comes through as its zig-zagged lines scattered throughout in seeming randomness; this follows suit, though much more sparingly and more subtly, along with the insole, which also comes complete with both branded flair.