Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Joshua Vides x Converse Chuck 70

Dressed up in his inspired artistic motifs, one that brought about customs en-masse, Joshua Vides slot is one filled to the brim in his evolved vision. The first, which arrives comprised of mostly monochrome palettes, is the most overt in its toony modifications, though the artist now explores much of the model itself. Velcro panels, in addition to the mindful linework, feature Pantone bases that allow for customizability by way of modularity. Light marked detailing spread throughout the whites of the toe cap and midsole in a connection to the retro cartoons of past eras with separated contrast paneling along with the lateral ripping out from its seams towards the rear. A colorful rendition of the same design sports little to no markings across with much of the show being lead by the black paint splatters and vibrant color blocking of orange, pink, and green. Check out a detailed look below.