Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pigalle Paris x Converse All Star Pro BB

Converse Hoops athlete Kelly Oubre Jr. headlined the runway as he appeared on the platform wearing the shoes, inserting a dose of hoops culture into the sophisticated spin on a post-apocalyptic world. The All Star Pro BB, which debuted back in April and saw limited releases in May and June, features a translucent TPU shell and contrasting colors that reflect Ashpool’s energetic chroma design approach, while the midsole, ankle, and star logo are framed in a light neon volt hue. Oubre Jr., already crowned as one of the NBA’s most fashionable players according to @leaguefits on Instagram, seemed right at home on the runway as he took center stage during the first phase of the display, draped in sand-colored shawls and loose-hanging garments to match Ashpool’s theme. The hyper limited released of the Pigalle Paris x Converse All Star Pro BB is confirmed to go down in September, so stay tuned for updates.