Thursday, June 27, 2019

Nike Cancels UNDERCOVER Sneaker Release in China Amid Hong Kong Protests

The Financial Times has reported that Nike has canceled its UNDERCOVER sneaker release in China that was slated for earlier this month. Reportedly, UNDERCOVER designer Jun Takahashi posted a photo in support of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, which are urging the government to abandon a pending extradition bill that they say will infringe on citizens’ rights. Hundreds of thousands of protestors in Hong Kong have taken over the streets this month in an effort to stop the bill in question, which would give China the right to extradite Hong Kong residents in order to have them put on trial in China. While the opposition has resulted in the bill being temporarily put on hold, it has not been removed from consideration altogether. A video by TIME magazine, below, shows a glimpse of the scene as individuals continue to rally.