Monday, April 29, 2019

Ralph Steadman x Vans Vault Collaboration

Here's a complete look at the Ralph Steadman x Vans Vault capsule collection, aside from the matching skate decks. The footwear selection includes a wide variety of classic Vans styles, informed by Steadman’s signature splatter-heavy approach to painting and a desire to evoke positive conservation-related activities. The collection’s head-turning illustrations were sourced from the artwork that Steadman contributed to Ceri Levy’s books Extinct Boids, Nextinction, and Critical Critters. Levi and Steadman are self-identified “Gonzovationists,” which Levy describes as such: “We’ve always maintained that you’ve got to make people laugh in order to engage them. If we just tell people, ‘you’re all dreadful bastards, you’ve screwed it all up, and now look what’s going to happen,’ people go, ‘yeah, whatever.’ But if you make them laugh, you’ve got a chance".