Friday, March 22, 2019

Man Arrested in Connection to $50,000 Sneaker Warehouse Robbery

Local authorities arrested 26-year old Daqwaun Ralls this past Sunday in connection to a string of heists at the GOAT warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey, that amounted to roughly $50,000 worth of sneakers. According to, Ralls is facing multiple burglary, theft, and weapons charges stemming from four different heists at the popular sneaker reselling platform's New Jersey-based warehouse. The robberies are believed to have started back in October 2018. Ralls is reportedly a former GOAT employee. Police responded to burglaries at the warehouse on Oct. 20th, Nov. 19th, and Jan. 13th before finally catching Ralls in the act on March 10th.

 Secaucus police captain Dennis Miller says the break-ins resulted in over 50 pair of sneakers being stolen. The specific items taken from the warehouse have not been disclosed, but multiple pairs were recovered following Ralls' arrest. A knife-wielding Ralls was ultimately cornered in a stairwell by local authorities. "The Secaucus police officers demonstrated an adequate use of restraint in the face of this potentially deadly force situation," Miller told