Friday, March 15, 2019

American Eagle Sparks Uneasiness With Sneaker Reseller Pop-up

Various backlash has sprouted from a number of cultural movers and shakers, and even the designers behind some of the shoes the shop has decided to showcase. And to make it even more bizarre – the store now showcases various Nike ads and displays, even though American Eagle has no association with the brand, nor does it have a Nike account that warrants such practices. Sauntering along the fine lines between what’s “legal, what’s moral, what’s ethical and what’s just plain wack,” as put by jeffstaple, American Eagle Outfitters, whose revenue is more than $4 billion USD, continues to catch flack for in-authentically hopping into the realm of street culture goods. While Staple isn’t the first to find the move baffling, what he does bring to attention is the resell market that is growing at hyperspeed, an industry so influential that one of the largest clothing retailers in the world has found the need to jump into a market they have limited association with. Not only that, but without the permission of the brands behind the products that are now openly showcasing in its store.

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Need your honest opinion here on this one... American Eagle Outfitters is a publicly traded retailer that does about $4 billion in sales annually covering about 1,000 stores & employing 24,000 people. This week, ppl started pinging me saying, “Yo, you’re selling your Pigeons at @americaneagle?!” So I walk by their Soho flagship location and literally lost my breath seeing my Panda Pigeon & Black Pigeon Dunk sitting front & center in the main window display! On the side of the building? A huge billboard with @cncpts Purple Lobsters, @djkhaled Jordan’s & other high heat kicks. I do some digging and realize they have “collaborated” (aka invested in) a reseller store because: “Sneakers are about self-expression. Our brand is built on individual style...We have the second-largest (U.S.) jeans business (after Walmart). Jeans and sneakers are great pairs.” Ohkayyyy...So because this $4bil dollar retailer now decided sneaker & street culture are “trending”, they get to throw logos of other brands all over their store without permission? Does this mean if they partner with a handbag reseller next month, they can put LV & Hermès handbags in their windows and marketing campaigns? In my opinion, this really skirts the line between what’s legal, what’s moral, what’s ethical and what’s just plain wack. Would love to hear your thoughts...🤔

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