Thursday, August 23, 2018

Air Jordan 3 JTH NRG

Now it’s time for Timberlake and the Jumpman to bring another hotly-anticipated shoe to market: the “Bio Beige” JTH 3s. Where their first shoe was an altered take on a classic, this second iteration is an immensely personal sneaker for Timberlake, as it’s inspired by “Higher Higher,” a song on his Man Of The Woods album dedicated to his wife. The “Bio Beige” offers a luxe handmade feel, something that Timberlake wanted to bring to his album-inspired footwear as MOTW features a great deal of live instrumentation. A rich suede and raw leather laces give off a definite artisanal vibe, and the insoles feature lyrics from the song, while the title can be seen embossed on the medial heel collar. Timberlake’s premium kicks are set to release August 28th.

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